The First 60 Days of Life Provide a Remarkable Opportunity and the Babies Need This Realized 




... this is a remarkably influential time for the trajectory of well-being.

... research reveals the first two months have an unparalleled significance 

... it isn't yet common knowledge

... there is enough evidence of what infants actually need 

... brains wire most rapidly in the earliest months of life

... babies are pure love and deserve to be loved

... newborns require consistent responsive nurturing

... babies need a voice

... self-worth and acceptance is dramatically influenced in infancy

... there are far too many detrimental myths and misconceptions shared

... babies are biologically designed for connection

... infancy is significant in establishing a secure attachment

... it is cost effective to support physical and mental wellness from the start

... they retain the beautiful essence of who they are

... young brains adapt to repeated experiences whether positive or negative

... caring communities create the support needed

... nurturing newborns prevents overly-stressed nervous systems 

... everyone benefits

... they expect to have their communicated needs responded to with nurturing

... there are enough of us who care, so a real difference can be made

... it is easy to commit to something so worthwhile for 60 days 


These are the reasons The First 60 Days booklet the 

The First 60 Days Movement  and the

The First 60 Days Magazine (digital) been created! 



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