“The basic finding is that the experiences of the first two months of life have a disproportionately important impact on your long-term health and development. This has to do with the remarkably rapid growth of the brain early in life, and the organization of those all-important core regulatory networks."   -Bruce D. Perry, M.D, Ph.D.


Imagine helping every baby in your community begin life with optimal brain development, the opportunity to reach their full potential, and less likelihood of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), or undiagnosed health problems. We're helping you move your community closer to making this vision a reality one precious baby at a time! 


Communities sharing Neuro-Nurturing® resources for adults to use at home and in educational settings, will help create many of the positive childhood experiences Dr. Christina Bethell’s research showed to be important in supporting mental health. 

A trusted nurturing relationship for newborns builds an essential foundation and the seven Positive Childhood Experiences then enhances that foundation to shape overall well-being in life. The Positive Childhood Experiences revealed through the research are:

  1. Ability to talk with family about feelings
  2. Felt experience that family is supportive in difficult times
  3. Enjoyment in participation in community traditions
  4. Feeling of belonging in high school
  5. Feeling of being supported by friends
  6. Having at least two non-parent adults who genuinely care
  7. Feeling safe and protected by an adult at home.

These exciting materials and services provide you with the opportunity to inspire new mothers, fathers, and caregivers to create safe, stable, nurturing environments and interactions that support optimal brain development and promote physical health from the start. The resources include:

“The First 60 Days” booklet, created in response to 2018 research conducted by Bruce Perry, MD, MPH, and associates showing the incredible importance of the first two months for physical and mental health development. This booklet dispels 22 potentially detrimental and common myths and replaces them with Neuro-Nurturing knowledge in understandable language and a beautiful, easy to read format.
                                                    Neuro-Nurturing ringed books, were created to give caregivers developmentally appropriate, easy, and fun activities to enjoy with newborns, babies, toddlers, and children through age five in everyday life. From the voice of the child, adults also gain science-backed insights ensuring the confidence to create hands-on learning experiences and healthy caregiver-child relationships.

                                              The free Well Visit Planner is a family facing digital tool focused on the first days, months and years of a child’s life.  Families take about 10 minutes to reflect and assess their child and family’s strengths, get resources to address any risks or problems and learn about parenting and pick their priorities for discussions with their child’s health care provider or other support partners. Families get a personalized guide with resources that can integrate or include a link to access Neuro Nurturing cards. The WVP was created in partnership with families, child health professionals, experts and local, state and federal child and family health leaders, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, Family Voices and top Bright Futures Guidelines experts.

                                              Your community can help create the first Neuro-Nurturing® generation of children and the first generation of families supported by The Well Visit Planner!


                                              • Create a community project to order quantities of “The First 60 Days” booklet customized to share, that include your resiliency initiative’s brand. 
                                              • Use The First 60 Days” booklet and Neuro-Nurturing® ringed books as a fundraising opportunity by your resilience initiative! Inspire your early childhood committee or workgroup to take orders for quantities of the booklets at a quantity discount (see table below) and offer materials for sale online, at events, or in bulk to the local hospital or health center for example, at a price that builds in a profit for your group.
                                              • To benefit from quantity pricing simply contact Deb.braininsights@gmail.com with the quantity you plan to order and receive the discount code or arrange a PO.
                                              • Download (free!) and distribute Well Visit Planner informative posters encouraging families to enroll their newborns and children into the free Well Visit Planner application. Use posters in hospitals, clinics, OBGYN offices, schools, and workplaces to support well-child visit compliance. Well-child visits may also help pediatricians recognize developmental delays as well as postpartum depression or family challenges early, when intervention is most effective.



                                              Brain Insights donates to 5% net profit from The Powerful Project related sales.

                                               Here are a few funding and sponsorship ideas to potentially support your initiative.
                                              It will be a wonderful pleasure to work with you toward making a needed difference!