The First 60 Days booklet is a support resource to Safe Babies a program of Zero to Three. 


It is wonderful to provide support to the Safe Babies program by making The First 60 Days booklet available as a resource to the Safe Babies approach that transforms child welfare into the practice of prevention and family well-being by using the science of early childhood development to meet the urgent needs of infants and toddlers. 



About The First 60 Days Booklet 

Thanks to the groundbreaking research conducted by Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues which highlights the profound and essential impact of early relationships in the first two months, this booklet has been developed to provide support during this crucial period. By using clear and straightforward language, you will gain a priceless understanding of your own and your baby's needs, while dispelling common myths that often lead to confusion. Reading The First 60 Days leave adults feeling more confident about the ability to positively influence the cognitive, physical and mental health development of babies.

View Sample pages here:

The First 60 Days Booklet Sample Pages


The First 60 Days Easily Provides Invaluable Support!

  • It provides support in a super simple format with answers to 22 essential questions that dispel common myths and misconceptions. 
  • It is all based on proven research (not on conflicting theories)
  • It is filled with incredibly valuable and easily understood information. 
  • It relieves minds to make it easy to avoid the confusion of conflicting information.
  • Is endorsed by professionals in many fields of care and also parents. 


Description of The First 60 Days Booklet:

  • Beautiful and easy to read in just a few invaluable minutes.(color pages & photos)
  • Perfect for moms, dads, foster parents, grandparents, nannies, babysitters, anyone who cares about the development of babies.
  • 22 Insights to dispel misconceptions of what newborns actually need. 
  • 22 Perspectives of what your baby really wants you to understand. 
  • Glossy 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 booklet, 32 pages. 
  • Deeply discounted quantity pricing available 
  • Option to add your own logo to the booklet
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 Praise For The First 60 Days Booklet

“Wow! This is fabulous. It is so concise and clear in a compassionate ‘arm around you’ way. It is BRILLANT and a desperately needed resource!" -Jane Evans, International Parenting & Childhood Trauma Expert - UK

"This is such a gentle, but empowering asset for those who read it." -Gill Connell, Author of A Moving Child is a Learning Child. Trainer - NZ

"I love it! It's so nice to have a guide to help parents nurture their little one's brains during those early days! - Kristin, Physical therapist & Mom of 3 preschoolers -US  

"I think this will definitely make a parent feel like they will find what they need to do or not do, to make a baby feel loved, cared for and also for the parent to feel calmer and more relaxed." - Lisa, Parent & Grandparent - US 

"Wow! This is awesome. It is obvious a ton of time and care went into crafting this. There is loads of value here for parents!"  - Brandon, Entrepreneur and Dad - US

"As a therapist and mother, I found the teachings of, The First 60 Days, extremely helpful and a great resource. I frequently found that baby books and my training as a therapist would conflict on how to best raise your baby. The First 60 Days, confirmed my instincts and put many of my conflicts at rest.”  - Sarah Bowman, Psychotherapy Counselor - US

"This is another wonderful resource from you. Well done!"   Dr. Vivien Sabel, DPsyc - UK

"This is such a great resource for new moms. I love the part that is from the baby's point of view. I really think that will help moms to put what’s most important into perspective."   - Patrice Payment, LPC, Fonder, Mom Life Counseling, LLC - US

"This is so amazing!" -Tim, Grandfather of 2 - US

"I love this resource. It is so beneficial for first time parents." -Stella Stead, Founder, Above & Beyond Early Childhood Consulting - AU