Join us in recognizing and celebrating this growing list of those that are educating and spreading awareness of the significance of The First 60 Days. 
We invite you to become aware of what they are doing and unite with them as together we expand the needed voice! 
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Lauren Foster The Powerful Project "The first 60 days are critical for caregivers to have the knowledge and feel confident with the brain-based, scientific information they receive so that they can provide nurturing care from the beginning."
Tiffanie Kloida, MS, Early Childhood Instructor WCTC "60 days of meaningful interactions to begin a lifelong adventure of loving bonds, security and learning."  
Jan Ference - LinkedIn "Do the best you can, until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou
Ann McKitrick, Early Childhood Specialist and Parenting Coach - Nurtured Noggins "Your child is a gift, to be handled with wonder and responsibility. You are equipped to both connect and deeply affect each other through loving, responsive interactions."
Michelle LaRowe, Nanny Educator Global Nanny Training
Clare Stead, Creator and Founder of the Oliiki App. - Oliiki "Tiny activities create a big impact for your baby. Never underestimate the power of a playful moment.  In that moment, you're building their brain and a connection that lasts a lifetime."
Dr. Jennifer  Koel, Early Childhood Instructor WCTC - "Snuggle with your baby, sing to your baby, giggle with your baby, and read to your baby; each joyful interaction creates strong brain connections. You, yes you, are a brain builder!" 
Sharon Silver, Founder & Educator - Proactive Parenting "The first 60 days are filled with both mental and physical changes for both you and baby. Take the time to recover, and to meet and accept the new you inside yourself. Time brings clarity, a new purpose, and fresh perspective, so please be as tender with you as you are with your new born." 
Laura Greco, Full Life Wellness LLC/ Resilient Mama Movement, Founder/Mom Mentor -, LinkedIn "We are not the masters of the children in our care. We are the mentors, coaches, the stewards of them and their precious gifts."
Bernie Landels - Bernie Landels
Diane Speier Birth, Growth and Healing Ltd, Director -, Birth, Growth and Healing Ltd "This first meeting will be recreated every time the mother breastfeeds her baby. It is an embrace that transmits tenderness, joy, excitement, and apprehension for the family journey about to unfold. The days, months, and years ahead will extend the first moment into a pattern of love, and it is important to know that our beginning sets the tone for our future."