We see you... We recognize you...We Celebrate you... 

AND... We want the world to know who you are!


 It is with much enthusiasm that we welcome you to The First 60 Days Recognition!

We celebrate the individuals and organizations that are nurturing babies during the first 60 days of life and are providing support to their caregivers.
With this recognition, we hope that you also feel a uniting energy and join with others here to make the importance of this critical time of development become common knowledge for all.
Recognition and uniting is the first phase of, The First 60 Days Movement.
It is with deep and sincere gratitude that we thank you for all that you do and invite you to become a significant part in the movement as it progresses in creating broader support and needed awareness. 
Let's celebrate, connect and share! 


Recognitions are shared in three different categories of support. The first two pages are continuously filled with links and quotes from those that are  recognized and celebrated for their focus on babies and families.

The third page provides a list of all members involved in providing support to the movement.

All of this leads to a uniting of voices of support for babies and caregivers in The First 60 Days! Enjoy benefiting from networking with this incredible group of individuals and organizations that are making a needed impact. 

1.  Direct Support 

3. Awareness and Education 

3. All Movement Members 


Enjoy seeing all of the locations where individuals and organizations who are uniting in support of The First 60 Days Movement! It is growing!