"It takes many years
for a brain to fully develop,
however, it is the positive and nurturing early experiences 
that are invaluable to developing a brain 
that allows the unique essence of a child to shine."
-Deborah McNelis

I am Deborah McNelis, M.Ed. and I am very proud to be the founder of Brain Insights with a focus of supporting adults in guiding children to be their true selves beginning at birth. With an emphasis on nurturing responsive relationships in infancy, it simply is a true passion of mine to share insights that inspire people toward having a genuinely positive impact in this world. 

Simplifying the understanding of early childhood brain development so that people clearly digest, understand and gain confidence in their interactions with children is something that brings great joy as this is my way of contributing to making a significant difference.

My (not small) goal is to make this invaluable understanding become common knowledge for everyone, so that every child develops retaining the knowledge that they are worthy of love and acceptance for being all that they are.

It is incredibly heartwarming to see the aha moments take place as people grasp how they can easily make a real impact in the lives of children while also feeling better about themselves as a result. 

With the Neuro-Nurturing® model, I help people understand basic aspects of early brain development in an extremely clear way. And the helpful and unique products I have created for each age, from the first 60 days as a newborn through age five, reveal just how easy it is to nurture the developing brain through simple activities in everyday life at home, in an early childhood classroom or childcare setting.  

Well over 150,000 of the Neuro-Nurturing® Interaction series and Naturally Developing Young Brains packets in English and Spanish are benefiting families in several countries such as the US, Canada, Scotland, Australia, UAE, England, and more. 

In collaboration with Redleaf Press publishers a series of resources for early education professionals was also created. Four additional packets are available through Redleaf Press to support transitions with a brain development focus, and balancing stimulation so the brains of children are not over or under stimulated.  

The insights I share can be seen regularly in a wide range of media platforms including radio shows, podcasts, webinars, books, and magazines. I travel throughout the US and internationally doing presentations and keynotes for professional conferences. I also conduct professional development trainings for educational organizations, schools and have provided corporate workshops for companies such as Kohl’s and Kimberly Clark.

Additionally, The First 60 Days Movement has been designed for spreading the message that nurturing early brain development makes an incredibly valuable preventive impact on learning, health and overall well-being.

Numerous people say that my passion is contagious and motivates them to want to share insights with everyone they know. This fills my heart with extreme excitement because that means continuously increasing numbers of children will benefit from the Neuro-Nurturing they need and deserve ... and the understanding will finally become common knowledge!


For much more go to the speaker site:  www.DeborahMcNelis.com