A baby is filled with possibilities. An infant is born as a beautifully undefinable and significant individual with exceptional essence within their heart. Each newborn is also born with a very undeveloped brain.

The brain is experience dependent, meaning development doesn’t just magically happen. A brain develops based on the combination of the genes a child is born with, influences during pregnancy and the experiences that a child has after birth. The early days, months and years are significant in rapidly connecting the estimated 86 billion brain cells a baby has at birth. Experiences create a direct and physical impact on the way a brain becomes wired. The repetition of experiences strengthens these essential neural connections forming strong brain pathways for learning, behaviors, skill development, health and self-perception.

The brain adapts to the type of experiences that are repeated most frequently…. whether positive or negative. Even though it takes many years for the brain to fully mature, these early weeks and months are the time for the most rapid amount of growth… with an amazing estimated amount of 85% of development by age three and a possible 90% by age five.

Humans are biologically designed for relationships. Babies are born with a primary need to have someone to care for them. A newborn is completely dependent on at least one relationship with another person. Through the ideal situation of having someone lovingly and consistently respond to expressed needs in a nurturing way, brain pathways for optimal development are being created.

If an infant’s needs for touch, nutrition, warmth, security or sleep are responded to repeatedly and predictably in a caring way, this will create the feelings of connection, safety and pleasure that the immature brain craves.

This is the essential beginning of Neuro-Nurturing! It takes many years for the brain to fully develop, however, these early experiences contribute greatly to a well-developed brain that allows the unique essence of a child’s heart to shine.  

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You are significant in making the desired difference occur!

It doesn’t matter if you influence the Neuro-Nurturing of one child or numerous children.

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