Creating Great Connections Community Initiative

 Welcome, I am so glad you are here to learn about how to make YOUR community a Neuro-Nurturing Community and how beneficial this is for every citizen.

Because... We ALL benefit when ALL children have well developed brains. 

The innovative new Creating Great Connections initiative includes community presentations given by Deborah McNelis, M.Ed, products, printables, promotional items, ideas, collaborations, follow-ups, and much-much more!
Your community will be inspired to get involved and even have fun on this pathway to realizing how simple it can be to create desired outcomes for all members of the community and the impact they all can make. 
I invite you to watch the video and explore the links below describing Who, What, When, and Why.  
As soon as you are ready to bring Creating Great Connections to your community scroll down to the "How" section to get started right away.



Learn more about Deborah McNelis, M.Ed, and why she is the perfect person to inspire your community by clicking here.


Learn more about what this community initiative is all about, who it's designed for, and what it includes by clicking here.


Learn more about why this is so important, why it is needed and why your community should get involved by clicking here.


Learn more about the urgency of getting started on the path to optimal outcomes for your entire community by clicking here.



5 Very simple steps to bring Creating Great Connections to YOUR community: 

1. Watch the brief, Bring Deborah McNelis to Your Community video. Then answer these questions:
  • Do you have a desire to ensure young children are receiving and experiencing all that will contribute positively to their well-being in life?
  • As you work to make this happen for the children within your influence, do you have the overwhelming feeling that there continues to be a greater need for widespread understanding and support?
  • Have you participated in work teams, groups, seminars or summits that attempt to make a difference, but very little seems to change?
  • Do you want a very easy way to be a part of creating broad awareness that contributes to a difference that the children deserve and your community needs? 
 If this describes you, then Creating Great Connections is designed for you!  You are ready to move to step 3.
2. Review the Speaker website

3. Review the different packages and options to see which is right for your community.

4. Refer to the support resources if needed:  Q & A or Creative Funding Support Ideas 

5. Fill out the online application form and submit.  (You will be given the option to save your application as a PDF to print for your records when you submit)

If you have questions that haven’t been answered, feel free to contact Deborah at