As a college aged young woman, Deborah McNelis had a profound realization one day that changed the trajectory of her life from then on. She realized the brilliant potential that each child innately possesses and in turn realized that all the adults in children's lives don't know all they COULD know to let each child reach their full potential.

She has since then dedicated her life to learning, researching, teaching, presenting, creating products and programs, and inspiring everyone in her reach with her passion for making optimal early brain-development information common knowledge. She has even trademarked a new term to encompass the optimal brain-developing interaction with babies and children called "Neuro-Nurturing".

Her work takes on many shapes and forms, but always with this goal in mind. Her products are designed to help parents and families as well as childcare workers and educators. Her inspiring presentations are a wonderful way for her to share her passion and insights with all types of professionals and individuals who have an opportunity to see their role in the lives of children in a new light and with better understanding of what is best for the well-being of those children.

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