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The First 60 Days Movement 

What is it?

The primary focus is to create awareness of research findings revealing the incredible importance of nurturing and regulation for mental health development in the first two months of life. This is done through dispelling common myths and replacing them with science based information in easy to understand language. A focus to promote the need for support of new parents and caregivers during this significantly important time is of equal importance.

Amount of Involvement?

This is entirely up to you. You can be involved in a way that fits you best. You might be a supporter in sharing content from members, generate conversations, support new parents directly, network with members, contact media, reach out to local or national decision makers, advocate for policies, initiate a research study or conduct fundraising.

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Possible Next Steps? 

Choose what works for you! 

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Supporter Benefits: 

  • Your name on the Brain Insights website (optional)
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Check out the locations of current members in 5 different countries so far. And we are just getting started!  Is your state or country represented yet? 

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