The First Two Months Are Significant

An abundance of research over decades has demonstrated the importance of relationships on the developing brain. Studies have shown that humans are biologically designed for relationships and now there are new research findings.


Babies are born with a primary need to have someone to care for them. A newborn is completely dependent on at least one relationship with another person. Through the ideal situation of having someone lovingly and consistently respond to expressed needs in a nurturing way, brain pathways for optimal development are being created.

If an infant’s needs for touch, nutrition, warmth, security and sleep are responded to repeatedly, timely and predictably in a caring way, this will create the feelings of connection, safety and trust that the immature brain craves.

Continuous research reinforces this knowledge. It is also providing enhanced understanding.

Significant recent research now indicates the incredible influence nurturing relationships have specifically in the first two months. 

One of the researchers involved in the more recent findings is Dr. Bruce Perry. In the book, What Happened To You?, that he co-authored with Oprah Winfrey, he reveals information about the findings. You can read abouthe findings here.  

In a brief conversation with Oprah, Bruce explains what this impactful research indicates. 


As a result, Brain Insights has taken on the role of contributing to making this understanding become common knowledge. But beyond that and more importantly, we are contributing to providing the practical and easy information and ideas to support to those caring for babies in the perinatal period.  

This is being done in three ways:

1. Making The First 60 Days Booklet available to support caregivers through replacing common myths with the assurance of Neuro-Nurturing knowledge. 

2. Recognizing and celebrating those members that are making an impact through direct support, indirect support or education and awareness efforts. 

3. Uniting all who care, in working toward making nurturing newborns common knowledge and common practice for all babies in creating The First 60 Days Movement!  


I feel so strongly that making a significant difference is do-able, because there are so many dedicated people that are passionate about ensuring that babies get the nurturing they require and deserve and their caregivers get the support they need.

Additionally, I believe that if we emphasize the time frame of 60 days, this makes it manageable for people to support and commit to. In thinking about directly supporting a family member, an employee, a neighbor a community member or indirect ways like creating a policy or initiating support services for only 60 days, it is not as abstract as thinking about doing all we can for an entire childhood.

Of course, supporting an entire childhood is certainly needed also. But, if we successfully increase awareness about what is needed for the start of a healthy life, I believe this will also influence understanding about the additional months and years of a child's life.


Let' Make the Difference that Will Ultimately Benefit ALL!


  The First 60 Days Booklet . Find out more here

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