The Story Behind Creating Neuro-Nurturing®



Brain Insights is dedicated to providing a clear awareness and a simple understanding of how adults can more confidently answer, "yes", to the most important question babies and children are unconsciously asking... "Do the adults we depend on, actually know what we really need?"


Far too frequently, the term ‘brain development’ is perceived as too scientific and is often only viewed in relation to intelligence building or acquiring academic knowledge, rather than supporting the overall blossoming of the whole child as a beautifully unique individual with a positive self-perception.

Though early brain development information has been shared by Brain Insights and countless other professionals for numerous years, most adults are still unaware of what children need to foster optimal flourishing. Due to the critical needs that our society (and today’s youth) have for a greater understanding and broader awareness for how we can support and implement optimum brain development, it was recognized that a new term was desperately needed.

As a result of a wonderful conversation on this concern, Brain Insights trademarked the term, Neuro-Nurturing®. And in early 2019, the accompanying Neuro-Nurturing® Model was created to move the world toward the wonderful outcomes that children deserve.


Since creating the new term, the original title of the Brain Development Activity Packets Series was changed to the, Neuro-Nurturing Interaction Packets Series.


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