Join us in recognizing and celebrating this growing list of those that are providing direct support to caregivers and/or infants in The First 60 Days. 
We invite you to become aware of what they are doing and unite with them as together we expand the needed voice! 
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Odille and Steve Remmert, Authors: "Change What Happened to You" - The Remmert Method "While change the way children are raised is an essential part of changing our world, those changes can also be made retroactively! Changing your own implicit negative childhood memories, changes your self-image and worldview-automatically changing your ability to cope with others, including your baby."
Amy Ard, Executive Director - Motherhood Beyond Bars  "We believe that every mother, every child, and every family deserves an opportunity to be supported by love and compassion in the process of transformation."
Kristin Bednarz, Physical Therapist - "We get to give our babies the best from the very beginning to build the foundation for our future thriving children. Instead of feeling like we are in survival mode, we can thrive!"
Tiffanie Noonan, Physician Owner -, EPIC Parenting
Taira Fischer, Doctor of Occupational Therapy -, Sensory Savvy Kids "Children will only move to explore and create reliable stored memories of the world around them if they have a safe, secure base to return to. This safe haven is built through nurturing, responsive relationships from the beginning."
Stephen Zwolak, Executive Director Emeritus -, LUMME Institute "We must begin to deeply understand that, if we want to change society, we must change the way we teach and "be with" our youngest children. Our children are asking us to hold their hearts and souls, so they can be seen and heard. We must be present, so we can connect in order to enrich our relationships with our babies."