The primary focus of The First 60 Days Movement is to create awareness of research findings revealing the incredible importance of nurturing and regulation for mental health development in the first two months of life. This is done through dispelling common myths and replacing them with science based information in easy to understand language. A focus to promote the need for support of new parents and caregivers during this significantly important time is of equal importance.

Here is a list of the incredibly wonderful members who are supporting the movement in support of babies and their caregivers.  

Amy Ard - Georgia, US

Amy Hatkoff - Florida, US

Ann McKitrick - Texas, US

Bernie Landels - England, UK

Clare Stead - England, UK

Diane Bales - Georgia, US

Diane Speier - England, UK

Donna J Anderson - Wisconsin, US

Dr. Jennifer Koel - Wisconsin, US

Emily Hills - England, UK

Jan Ference - British Columbia, CA

Kristin Bednarz - Ohio, US

Laura Greco - New Jersey, US 

Lauren Foster - South Carolina, US

Lindsay Hardy - England, UK 

Linos Muvhu - Zimbabwe, AF 

Michelle LaRowe - Massachusetts, US 

Nancy Tracey - Nova Scotia, CA 

Nancy Walters - Wisconsin, US 

Odille Remmert - Illinois, US 

Pattie Godsell - Wisconsin, US

Rachael Osorio - Washington, DC, US

Sharon Silver - California, US 

Steve Zwolack - Missouri, US

Taira Fischer - Ohio, US

Tiffany Kloida - Wisconsin, US

Tiffanie Noonan - South Carolina, US