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In partnership, The First 60 Days booklet, the Neuro-Nurturing® ringed books and the (Free) Brain Basics Quick Start Guide are all a valuable support resource to the Well Visit Planner.


It is wonderful to provide parents and caregivers that are benefiting from using the Well Visit Planner by making The First 60 Days booklet and the Neuro-Nurturing® ringed books and the (free) Brain Insights Quick Start Guide available as resources in support of the mission of CHAMI and the Well-Visit Planner. 

The mission of CHAMI is to promote the early and lifelong health of children, youth, and families through the translation of the science of healthy child development and thriving into public health and health services research, policy, and practice. So, these resources from Brain Insights align perfectly.


About The First 60 Days Booklet 

Thanks to the groundbreaking research conducted by Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues which highlights the profound and essential impact of early relationships in the first two months, this booklet has been developed to provide support during this crucial period.

By using clear and straightforward language, you will gain a priceless understanding of your own and your baby's needs, while dispelling common myths that often lead to confusion. Reading The First 60 Days leaves adults feeling more confident about the ability to positively influence the cognitive, physical and mental health development of babies during this significantly influential time. 

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The First 60 Days Easily Provides Invaluable Support.

  • It provides support in a beautiful and simple format with answers to 22 essential questions that dispel common myths and misconceptions. 
  • It is all based on proven research (not on conflicting theories)
  • It is filled with incredibly valuable and easily understood information. 
  • It relieves minds to make it easy to avoid the confusion of conflicting information.
  • Is endorsed by professionals in many fields of care and also parents. 

 Description of The First 60 Days Booklet:

  • Beautiful and easy to read in just a few invaluable minutes.(color pages & photos)
  • Perfect for moms, dads, foster parents, grandparents, nannies, babysitters, anyone who cares about the development of babies.
  • 22 Insights to dispel misconceptions of what newborns actually need. 
  • 22 Perspectives of what your baby really wants you to understand. 
  • Glossy 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 booklet, 32 pages. 
  • Deeply discounted quantity pricing available 
  • Option to add your logo to the booklet

(contact us at for quantity pricing or adding a logo) 

 Praise For The First 60 Days Booklet

About the Neuro-Nurturing® Ringed Books

A Strong Foundation for Life is Created in the Early Years.

The need for Neuro-Nurturing® is continuous throughout life. However, the first 6 years are critical to creating healthy pathways for thriving in life. During these significant early years children need many valuable experiences to further develop language, motor, pre-reading, math, memory, social, emotional, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Providing the experiences in these packets creates an essentially strong base for thriving for more complex learning and overall well-being. Everyone benefits when all children have the opportunity to develop from optimal experiences.

These are invaluable for contributing to easily making the wonderful impact you want to make. 

Description of the ringed books:

40 sturdy cards hung on a ring in each of the 7 packets in this series.

  • Neuro-Nurturing® interaction idea on the front of each card 
  • Brain development insight on the back if each card
  • Written from the perspective of a child - (Easy to understand) 
  • Covers all domains of development 
  • Convenient size - 3 x 4 inches 
  • Quantity pricing and customization available 
  • Are perfect promotional or teaching tools
  • In English and Spanish  *(Newborn packet currently in English only) *
  • Can be purchased as promotional item with your logo on the cover
  • Quantity pricing available (contact us) 

About The Brain Basics Quick Start Guide – Free Download 



What Babies and Children Need Most is Adults That Understand Development.
The Most Assured Parents and Educators Have This Essential Knowledge.


This simple and beautiful e-guide provides essential understanding of what is needed for healthy brain development contributing to optimal physical and mental health, learning, behavior, self-perception and overall well-being in life. It is written in understandable language and includes tips and ideas for easy implementation into everyday life.

This 40 page beautifully illustrated guide guarantees to provide parents/caregivers with a wealth of understanding  to gain awareness that is not yet common knowledge. 

Parents feel more empowered as a result of all that is included.

The Brain Basics guide offers: 

  • An introduction to Neuro-Nurturing® elements based on 4 areas of essential needs of children. 
  • An overview of brain development basics in everyday language for gaining critical knowledge in minutes. 
  • 12 insights to easily implement into everyday life with babies and young children.
  • Notes pages to capture gained insights.
  • Cheat sheet, a reminder checklist and recommended valuable resources pages. 
  • AND... a bonus: Keep Track of All the Positive Things That You Do page. 


Enjoy benefitting from all that is here for you as you support the healthy baby or child(ren) in your life with the use the Well Visit Planner!


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