Funding and Sponsorship Ideas

Throughout my career in supporting children and families there have been various ways that I have found  to fund projects. Some of these of course are obvious, but if you are looking for ideas to support your dream of Creating Great Connections for your community hopefully these ideas will be helpful.


Invite a sponsor or several different sponsors.

  • This is a win-win situation. You get the support you are looking for and you will be helping a company market itself. Any company that supports a positive initiative for the entire community can be recognized in multiple ways.
  • Create varied options for sponsorship that offers different amounts of recognition. For example: Gold Level, Silver Level or Bronze Level. 


Charge for participation at the Creating Great Connections community event to cover expenses.

  • Research has shown that the “no show” rate drops with an attendance fee of $5.00 and drops even lower with a $10.00 or more fee. 
  • I recently presented at an event that charged participants $10.00. Partway through the event, I shared an insight that obviously “hit home” and one woman enthusiastically called out from the audience saying, “Just knowing THAT was worth the $10!”        


Charge a fee and add a give-away item to be received at the event.

  • Providing an item in addition to the entrance to the event helps participants feel like they are getting a bonus and also increases the likelihood that they will attend.
  • Local organizations or companies are often willing to provide give away items or we can talk about ideas for Creating Great Connections giveaways that are customized for your community. 
  • Create a “Goodie Bag” filled with coupons and offers from local businesses. 


Charge a fee which allows participants that attend to be eligible for prizes. 

  • Gather donated items from community companies or sponsors 
  • Or have the tickets double as a raffle ticket with entry to a 50/50 Raffle where half the earnings go to the initiative and half goes to the winner (winner would be announced at the event to promote attendance as well).


Ask local grocery stores to have companies donate a percentage or specific amount for each product sold during a designated amount of time.   

(For example:  A cereal company would donate $.10 for each box of cereal sold during a two week period) 

  • This provides the potential to receive donations from multiple companies.
  • Recognize these companies with acknowledgement on print materials and online


Contact community service clubs to provide financial support for different portions of the initiative.

  • These types of organizations are also known for having creative fundraising ideas that might be most successful for your local community so they could be a great resource to invite to assist your efforts.


Benefit from in-kind donation or volunteer opportunities. 

  • Possible ideas:  Donated event space, printing, employee volunteers, student organizations, religious groups, parent/teacher organizations, senior citizen groups.