There are numerous and various additional ways to fund projects.
Some of these of course are obvious, but if you are looking for ideas to support providing Neuro-Nurturing® ringed books and The First 60 Days booklet to parents and caregivers throughout your community, hopefully you will find these ideas very helpful.


Invite a sponsor or even several different sponsors to add their name or logo to the back cover of the materials.

  • This is a win-win situation. You get the support you are looking for and you will be helping a company, organization, program or agency with promotions as well. Any company that supports a baby and child focused initiative to improve lives in your community will gain extremely positive recognition. 

Ask local grocery stores to have companies donate a percentage or specific amount for each product sold during a designated amount of time.   

(For example:  A  company would donate $.20 for each product sold during a two week period) 

  • This provides the potential to receive donations from multiple companies.
  • Recognize these companies with acknowledgement on print materials and on-line.

Contact community service clubs to provide financial support.

  • These types of organizations are also known for having creative fundraising ideas that might be most successful for your local community so they could be a great resource to invite to assist your efforts.