Are You A Brain Hero?

This FANTASTIC video is one I continuously enjoy sharing!

The video creatively and effectively shows how the impact of experiences in the early years have an impact throughout life. It is a fun and extremely easy way to clearly communicate why it is critical to invest in and support healthy early brain development!  

The video was developed as a collaborative effort between the Interactive Media Division of the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California and the Center on the Developing Child.

The title is, “Brain Hero.”  ENJOY!!




This video explains the reason I provide the, Creating Great Connections presentation 


The Creating Great Connections presentation spreads the incredibly valuable knowledge that.... Early Brain Development is NOT complicated and it makes an impact that affects every one of us! Each community can easily make a real and long lasting difference through working together! 

It is very easy to make a difference when you first have knowledge and understanding. The Creating Great Connections program is designed to develop insights on early brain development and then provide ideas for practical implementation. 

Make your community the community with the best developed brains!


It would be a pleasure to do a presentation in your community. 

For further information go to and contact me at

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