Heartfelt Baby Wish

A Heartfelt Request

"Now that I am here it is my wish that every adult that will have an influence on my life fully realizes all that positively impacts my brain development in the early months and years of my life!
I sincerely hope that every adult already knows and understands that providing loving, safe, healthy, predictable, nurturing, and stimulating environments affects the way in which my brain will physically wire and grow. Experiences of consistent loving relationships, lots of play and movement, security, healthy nutrition, time in nature, lack of chaos, and respect for me as someone very special allows me to develop in the way I am meant to and deserve. These positive influences will greatly impact my learning, behavior and well-being in life. My success starts now!
Would you please help to make sure that all of the adults will not ignore this amazing opportunity to help me, so I can develop in the best and healthiest ways possible? Your support will affect the way in which I ultimately contribute to the world.  
With gratitude and love, I thank you!"

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