Early Experiences

The experiences children receive in the early years of life are crucial to overall brain development. These early experiences have an impact on learning and well-being in life.

The Brain doesn’t just magically develop on it’s own. It requires experiences to make this happen. When a child has an experience, actual connections are formed between brain cells. The brain cells are dependent on experience to create these connections!

All of these connections physically grow, organize and develop the brain. Genetics certainly plays a large role in laying out a plan for development. However, it is primarily the early experiences that largely determine the basic strength and function of the brain's wiring system.

It is very easy to provide the positive experiences needed. Even during busy everyday life you can stimulate a young child’s brain growth in the most positive way.  

Here is one idea from your babies perspective:                                     

Fuzzy Kisses:  Play a game with a stuffed animal. Use the animal to give me a kiss. Make a kissing sound. Next, you give me a kiss. Continue going back and forth.

Brain Insight:  Showing me how much you love me through fun interactions makes connections in the emotional part of my brain. This is a very important area to develop in the first year. It affects relationships and learning in my life.

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This activity idea is from the: Love Your Baby Brain Development Activity Packet

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