A CRITICAL Difference!

Genetics create a "blueprint", for the way a child’s brain has the potential to develop. However, the way in which a brain actually grows is GREATLY influenced by the experiences, opportunities and environment in which the child is exposed! 



Knowing this provides us with the tremendous opportunity to have a positive impact on the development of a healthy brain. Even though the brain makes changes throughout our lives, the time that a brain is most vulnerable to influences is in the earliest months and years of life! 

The 100 billion neurons that humans are born with make connections through synapses, “wiring” the brain for functioning in life and learning. The experiences an individual has impacts the types and amount of synaptic connections that are made. Synaptic connections begin prior to birth and continue to be created at a rapid rate through age three. By this age a child has 1,000 trillion synapses and the basic structure and growth of the brain has occurred.

It is extremely valuable when every adult understands this remarkable and wonderful chance we have to provide optimal experiences for the healthiest brain development of every child!

For more insights on how Neuro-Nurturing can have an amazingly simple impact on the children in your life please check out our series of Neuro-Nurturing Interaction Packets.

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