What is the rate for bringing the Creating Great Connections Initiative to my Community? 

First and foremost, I want you to know the following:

– I ALWAYS think with mutual benefit for all.
– I will ALWAYS focus on providing you value.
– My fee will be fair for your economic situation
– There are many creative ways to reach a win-win agreement
– I understand every event is different so a set fee doesn’t work.

I’ll also start by suggesting that perhaps it is much better for me to ask you questions, so I can provide exactly what you are looking for.

Before we discuss fees, I would like to know more about your ideal Creating Great Connections Initiative. That’s why, after you have filled out the application I would be very happy to jump on a call with you, listen to your ideas and negotiate a fee which is fair for both of us.

Some questions and variables to consider might be:

What do you want included?

  • The rate for some presentations may be $8 -10K and some may be $3K or sometimes even less when benefits are created for both of us.
  • Why such a big difference?

There are many variables that need to be considered before I can answer your question . . .

For example:

- Do you already have a committee in place or will you be creating one?
_ What is the anticipated size of your audience?
– What are the dates of your event?
– Do you want follow-up options:  evaluations, end of year celebration, etc.
– What is the location of your event?
– Do you want me to do one community event or two?
– Do you want support materials and follow up ideas?
– Will you work with sponsors?
– How much involvement in planning your event is wanted?
– Will your audience be paying to participate at the event?

These are just a few of the possible variables.

I very much look forward to talking with you and arranging something extremely wonderful as a result of our conversation. 

Please also see the Funding & Sponsorship page.