003 Play With Me While I'm Three

Filled with 40 Neuro-Nurturing interactions this easy to use 3" x 4 " packet of cards hung on a ring, provides you with lots of ideas for fun and optimal learning for your special three year old.

Through the unique ideas, your three year old will be stimulated in appropriate ways. You easily learn how brain development is occurring through the understandable information provided along with each fun learning activity. It will feel so good for you to have the confidence that you are providing the Neuro-Nurturing your child really needs and wants!

The packet of activity ideas makes it so simple to entertain your three year old even during your busy day. This is a time for great learning. Your child will thrive as a result of you providing these easy, fun and loving learning experiences. Childcare centers and preschool programs love these packets also!


"These pre-eminent packets are a must read for all parents and professionals. The language is accessible and the pictures are delightful. My favorite consistent theme is hearing the voice of `our' children  throughout. The child voice can be `heard' on the back of each page and it reminds you of what your children need to promote positive brain development. "  ~ Educator


Available in English and Spanish


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