00 - Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn

The Newest Neuro-Nurturing Interactions Packet is "Born"! 

During infancy you are the most significant person in your baby’s life. It may not appear that loving experiences in the early months have anything to do with thinking abilities, social skills, self-perception, mental or physical health. However, since humans are biologically designed for relationships, your predictably affectionate and consistently responsive interactions have a fundamental influence on physically creating healthy brain connections for thriving in life. You can provide what your baby needs when you have this essential and very simple understanding for supporting your baby toward shining their brilliant uniqueness. 

The reassuring and heartfelt guidance for nurturing your newborn is here for you to provide the confidence you are looking for as a new parent. Isn't it wonderful that science demonstrates the significance of your loving heart?

This uniquely designed and beautifully inspiring 3 X 4 packet of 40 cards hung on a ring makes it extremely convenient and easy for you to provide the nurturing your magnificent baby deserves.

This is the most loving gift you can give!


The fact that children are affected by their surroundings has become common knowledge. Neuro-Nurturing simply depicts and beautifully explains the benefits of, and ways to provide, the care needed to grow healthy brains. These cards offer practical ideas that are easy to understand and implement. Not only will baby benefit, but the bond between caregiver and baby will be strengthened beyond measure.

Lauren Zimet, MS, CCC/SLP, CNHP, BBB
Director of Skills Development
Perspectives Center for Holistic Therapy



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