0001 Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn

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  • 0001 Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn
  • 0001 Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn
  • 0001 Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn
  • 0001 Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn
  • 0001 Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn

0001 Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn

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  • HEALTHY EARLY BRAIN DEVELOPMENT – It goes without saying that brain development is crucial as any baby or child grows. Just think: How much would parents love it, if you gave them a tool that tells them how to easily go about developing their child’s brain? Well, that’s exactly where our Interaction Packets come in.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE – There’s no need for over-complicated manuals, mind-numbing theory, or super-scientific methods. All it takes is having a few practical ideas that any parent can start applying immediately.
  • PROMOTE YOUR BRAND – Does the above sound great? Well, here’s another great benefit: You have the option to put your own logo on these cards and bring a priceless amount of awareness to your brand as a promotional item. (Check out our quantity pricing!)

Surely, we can all agree that healthy brain development is absolutely vital in the early years… But sadly, too many parents are not aware of the importance and may treat it as something that will "take care of itself" as time goes on. Or they simply don’t know how to easily incorporate brain development strategies into their everyday busy life. 

At Brain Insights, we don't want the parents you work with (in your organization, agency, or program) to fall into the same trap.

Instead, we want you to have proven, powerful tools you can hand over to the parents, and watch their childrens' brains develop by leaps and bounds, and watch as the parent’s confidence grows as well.


Because the more developed children are, and the earlier they can make an impact on the world, the more we ALL win.

Wouldn't YOU like to be a part of this amazing transformation?

Nothing feels quite like knowing that you are having a positive impact on our future generation's lives.

Let these Neuro-Nurturing Packets make healthy brain development simpler and easier than ever by getting them into the hands of every parent of a young child or newborn you possibly can!

This Neuro-Nurturing Your Newborn packet beautifully focuses on the importance of responsive and nurturing relationships for newborns. Helping infants feel secure and valued is essential to the start of optimal and overall healthy brain development. Promoting infant mental health in this way right from birth is invaluable. You will want to ensure this heart-warming and impactful packet is provided for every parent at the birth of their baby! 


  • 40 sturdy cards hung on a ring.
  • Neuro-Nurturing interaction idea on the front of each card 
  • Brain Development Insight on the back if each card
  • Written from the perspective of a child - (Easy to understand) 
  • Covers all domains of development 
  • Convenient size - 3 x 4 inches 
  • Quantity pricing and customization available 
  • Are perfect promotional or teaching tools 
  • Can be purchased as a promotional item with your logo 
  • Quantity pricing available! 

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children! 

"The fact that children are affected by their surroundings has become common knowledge. Neuro-Nurturing simply depicts and beautifully explains the benefits of, and ways to provide, the care needed to grow healthy brains. These cards offer practical ideas that are easy to understand and implement. Not only will baby benefit, but the bond between caregiver and baby will be strengthened beyond measure."

Lauren Foster, MS, CCC/SLP, CNHP, BBB
Director of Skills Development
Perspectives Center for Holistic Therapy

Great for Parents

Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians will find the ideas and information useful in everyday life with their children

Teachers, Caregivers, Nannies, etc

The ideas and information provided also pertain to people who have a professional relationship with children in any capacity

Children will benefit and ENJOY the interaction

The ideas and information are not only useful for achieving optimal brain development, but babies and children will love the activities and nurturing interactions