000 Love Your Baby

000 Love Your Baby

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What could be better for you as a new parent, than to have heartwarming and scientifically based reassurance right on hand to ease your mind?

This 3" x 4"  packet of 40 cards hung on a ring makes it easy for you to have brain development interaction ideas available to provide the perfect interactions your baby wants anytime during the day. The brain packet fits easily into a purse, pocket or diaper bag and eliminates the need for you to find time to read a brain development or child activity idea book. It is all perfectly combined in this unique format with you in mind.

Each activity card also uniquely includes information on how loving and fun interaction helps a child's brain develop! Love Your Baby emphasizes the importance of attachment for healthy social/emotional and cognitive development. The brain development information is explained in "non-sciency" everyday language from the perspective of your baby.

This packet assists you and grandparents in providing child development for you new precious baby and does it in an easy and beautiful format.

Your baby is going to love that you are smart enough to do these loving and fun activities with them!  The packets are LOVED as gifts!

 Brain Development Packet for Parents of a New Baby

"Brain Insights activity packets are incredibly valuable for anyone that cares about the healthy development of young children. These compact packets make it easy to provide the loving interaction and fun learning all growing brains are craving! Keep them in the car, in your purse or on your key chain for easy access and daily use. Build your relationship with your little one, Brain Insights can help!"  
~ Pediatric Psychologist Dr. Lynne Kenney, author of The Family Coach Method and BLOOM


Available in English and Spanish

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