005 Thrive While I'm Five

005 Thrive While I'm Five

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Help Me Thrive While I’m Five provides 40 insightful activity ideas for you to promote learning and bring smiles throughout everyday life!

The activities are designed for providing the fun and stimulation your five year old needs even when you are busy. The brain likes to have some challenge and needs ways to learn and interact with people and objects.This is exactly what your child wants you to provide for their happiness and healthy development.

Each activity in the packet also includes a brain development insight on the back of the card. This knowledge provides you the confidence of understanding the benefits gained through doing the activity. Your child will love to enjoy these new and fun experiences. This packet provides all of this in an easy to use format of 40 purse/pocket sized cards hung on a ring for you to have on hand any time you need a quick idea to entertain a curious growing brain!

 Help Me Thrive While I'm Five

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brain Insights packets. So pretty and compact with brilliant suggestions for optimal development. Zero to five are such precious years. I believe every new parent ought to be gifted these invaluable packets. 

                                                     ~ Marlaine Cover, President, The Global Presence

Available in English and Spanish


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