001 Fun While I'm One

This 3" x 4" packet of 40 Neuro-Nurturing interaction ideas easily assists you with all the skill areas in the way a one year old baby should be learning and developing. The packet of ideas hung on a ring, is compact to have on hand to make it extremely easy to provide loving interaction and fun entertainment while you get your everyday activities completed!

A simple explanation of how you are providing Neuro-Nurturing with each activity is a unique feature of, Fun While I'm One. Optimal child development in all areas is provided for you. The fun learning activities focus on language, cognitive, social-emotional, and physical skills. All of the brain insights information is provided in everyday language.

This is the perfect way to support the healthiets development while Neuro-Nurturing your child's active one year old brain!

Grandparents and professionals interacting with children love this packet also!


"I love the ease of your ideas. Brain Development Activity Packets are unique, special, meaningful, and simple for busy and caring parents. Using proven research based on science, these are a glorious and effective way to help children have a strong, healthy and positive start."
~ Michele Borba, Ed.D., author The Big Book of Parenting Solutions and parenting expert on The TODAY Show.


Available in English and Spanish


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