ED002 Balancing Brain Stimulation for Preschoolers

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  • ED002 Balancing Brain Stimulation for Preschoolers

ED002 Balancing Brain Stimulation for Preschoolers

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Too Little? Too Much? Just Right!

Both over stimulation and under stimulation create stress in young developing brains. Balancing Brain Stimulation for Preschoolers packets are designed to give early childhood education professionals simple brain development insights and ideas that assist in keeping the brains of young children balanced. 

Balancing Brain Stimulation for Preschoolers offers suggestions for activities and interactions for a wide variety of situations throughout the day. They provide easy ways for caregivers to avoid either over stimulation or under stimulation of young children. Because stressed brains are not ready to learn creating balance leads to healthier brains and bodies and children that feel happier, calmer and ready to thrive. 


  • 40 sturdy cards hung on a ring.
  • Brain Development Interaction idea on the front of each card 
  • Brain Development Insight on the back if each card
  • Written from the perspective of a child - (Easy to understand) 
  • Convenient size - 3 x 4 inches 
  • Are perfect for all early childhood professionals, coaches, or social workers
  • Ships only within the US

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children!

Great for Parents

Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians will find the ideas and information useful in everyday life with their children

Teachers, Caregivers, Nannies, etc

The ideas and information provided also pertain to people who have a professional relationship with children in any capacity

Children will benefit and ENJOY the interaction

The ideas and information are not only useful for achieving optimal brain development, but babies and children will love the activities and nurturing interactions