“All of the adults who influence the lives of children either directly or indirectly do not know all they could know to help children become all they have the potential to become.”

Early childhood brain development refers to the cognitive, physical, language, motor, social and emotional development of children from birth to age 5. Scientific research informs us that the early years of life are extremely critical to the healthy growth and development of a young brain. During this period, brain pathways are created based primarily on experiences.  Essential experiences determine a positive foundation for health, learning, behavior, social-emotional, physical abilities, and overall well-being in life. Children require nurturing care to achieve their full potential. Neuro-Nurturing® encompasses the conditions for good health, nutrition, security and safety as well as opportunities for the type of early learning that is most beneficial for a young child. 

This is not yet common knowledge. And it NEEDS to be, because the developing brain adapts to the type of experiences that are repeated most frequently…. whether positive or negative.

You are likely aware that far too frequently children are experiencing just the opposite of what is needed for thriving in life. Due to a variety of experiences that hinder optimal development, brains become wired in ways that lead children to often function with high levels of stress and anxiety. In fact, did you know that, as of 2013, 274,804 babies in their first year were prescribed psychiatric drugs? We can do MUCH better! 

The home is of course the primary environment for providing nurturing.  Adults in the home are the first and most influential caregivers. However, many others throughout your community have an influence on the type of experiences that young children are exposed to everyday. Of course, all caregivers whether in-home or out of the home, need to be both knowledgeable and supported in implementing the most advantageous care. 

Additionally, all adults have some level of influence on the future of the community’s children. And the outcomes affect every community member.

The most positive and preventative impact begins with awareness and understanding.  When continually informed, the understanding grows to a point where it is considered common knowledge. As a result, supportive systems, policies, standards and practices become ingrained in guiding children to be all that they have the potential to become and ultimately individuals, families and communities thrive.

The children are counting on us!

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