"True prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it's preventing things from happening in the first place." ~ Don McPherson

Because the early months and years have the dramatic impact of creating brain connections at an estimated rate of 1 million per second, you do not want to put off bringing this program to your community.  Prevention is of course optimal! 

Beginning now will have the greatest impact. Having an understanding of what is needed for the continuously growing brain until maturity at age 25 and through adulthood is invaluable. 

You will definitely want to begin as soon as possible.

Additionally, economists are demonstrating that investing in the early years is extremely cost beneficial. Prominent economist, James Heckman, states, the earlier the investment the greater the return.

Only 11 Communities will be selected in 2020 to become the first ever Neuro-Nurturing Communities. You will want to submit your application today. 

Learn more about the significant impact of the early years in this wonderful film:  


"BRAIN MATTERS reveals that learning begins way before children go to school and that it's the experiences children are exposed to that determine their chances for future success. Everyday situations such as play, relationships, language and nutrition are examined with a fresh scientific approach, aiming at a set of brain boosting skills and activities that can provide every child with the opportunity to thrive. Through interviews with cutting edge researchers, scientists, economists, families and educators, BRAIN MATTERS explores the so called "miracle years", a critical period of our lives that no one remembers, in a profound new way – emphasizing how the first few years are the greatest opportunity we have to give children the best start in life."   - BrainMattersfilm.org