Creating Great Connections –

Neuro-Nurturing Community Initiative

Creating Great Connections is designed to deliver inspiring insights and a simple understanding of early brain development along with practical ideas for easy implementation to involve and support every individual for the benefit of your entire community. 

This exciting initiative combines experience, expertise, attention grabbing insights and even a lot of fun, to instill within all community members a positive enthusiasm for desired outcomes. 

While so much more is included in the overall initiative, the main event is an incredible 2 hour community presentation that provides audience members with an extremely easy to understand overview that invokes “ah-ha” moments through:

  • simple and fun simulations of how experiences impact the brain 
  • invaluable and very practical explanations of 4 basic brain areas 
  • essential elements that contribute to optimal development from birth through adolescence (and adulthood) 

Everyone attending the event will be inspired and motivated by the clear realization of how the brain affects moods, behavior, perspectives and learning in school and in everyday family life. 

The presentation builds on this valuable understanding to share the uncomplicated ideas for how Creating Great Connections together will increase needed awareness of how the brain influences children.   

The event also offers effortless suggestions and ongoing support that all aspects of the community can utilize to increase realizations and outcomes beyond current levels, to enhance: 

  • families
  • classrooms
  • agencies
  • organizations
  • businesses 

The unique Creating Great Connections event provides professional, enthusiastic, motivational, and fresh perspectives.  You will be amazed to realize all that is included in this initiative beyond this presentation event to make your community an extremely proud premier Neuro-Nurturing Community.