"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of it's members." - Coretta Scott King


Package Three Includes:

Initial Collaboration Video Call  

Printable Promotional Materials  

(1)– 2 hour Event  -- Fully Customized for Your Community – Your choice 1 Evening Event or 1 Daytime Event

Printable Handouts for Event Participants   

Creating Great Connections Site Membership - (Unlimited Members)  

2  Complete Sets of 8 Neuro-Nurturing Interaction Packets without /Your Community Logo and Contact Information Included   -- For Use at Libraries, Resource Centers, Schools, Hospital, etc.

25 Sets of Give-Away Sized Neuro-Nurturing Packets  

5   Adult “I am a Brain Developer” T-shirts   

15  Creating Great Connections Lapel Pins

Travel/Lodging/Transportation Expenses Included

Discount Code for Ordering Custom Products  -- (10% Off Within 1st Month - Reorders After 1st Month- at 5% Off)  --  or 5% Goes to a Community Organization!

Newsletter Subscription  --  For YOUR Community Members (1 year) -  Your Community Name as Header  (No Custom Logo in This Package)

Supporter Seals  (Not Customized)    

Packet of 12 Printables  

Pledge/Promise Agreements Forms

Website Recognition

VIP Signup – Considered a Neuro-Nurturing Member – Lifetime 5% Discount – Eligible to All.   


Invaluable Optional Additions:

Additional 2 Hour Event

Pre- Awareness – Self-Evaluation and Post Awareness- Self-Evaluation

Follow Up Coaching and On-Going Outreach Ideas + 2 - 1 Hour Conference Calls

Follow Up Full Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment Report and In-Person Presentation

Follow Up In-Person Recognition and Celebration Event 

+ Any Additions from Package One or Two or Increase in Quantities of Any Items


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