Proudly Help the World REALIZE How Important You Are! 

Anyone and everyone that interacts with children is a brain developer!

Really .... Is there anything more important than this?

It is beyond time to ensure that EVERYONE understands the impact of the early years. 

"The exceptionally strong influence of early experience on brain architecture makes the early years of life a period of both great opportunity and great vulnerability for brain development." 

- Harvard Center on the Developing Child

Let's get EVERYONE to understand the importance and the impact of the early years!   

We have the knowledge of what children need most for optimal development, but too frequently children are experiencing just the opposite. Too many children are not getting the healthy foods they need for their brain to function, are pushed toward academics too early, are living in harsh, neglectful or chaotic environments and/or over scheduled lives, have little exposure to nature, lack physical activity opportunities, babies spend great amounts of time in carriers and experience less touch and toddlers are spending time with screens instead of playing with real objects or outdoors and learning in the way the brain develops best.

The wonderful news is that there are NUMEROUS and dedicated individuals, organizations and agencies working and sharing to create the critical understanding that children need safe, predictable, nurturing relationships, healthy environments and nutrition. They also promote, how children need opportunities to play, move, experience nature and learn through exploring. I am extremely anxious for everyone that is having this impact is recognized. As a result this can finally become common knowledge… but even more importantly… common practice!!  

You DESERVE to be Recognized!!! 

We also need to ensure everyone knows how detrimental it is for us to continue to ignore this information. 

 The goal of spreading awareness and recognition can be easily achieved by showcasing your pride in a few simple ways: 

 Use the hashtag #IAmABrainDeveloper

                          1. Share your pride with a photo or statement!

                          2. Tag and Challenge someone else to show their pride!

                          3.  Like and share other #IAmABrainDeveloper posts                      

If we want success for our children it is up to us to create the needed awareness that those working with or influencing young children are BRAIN DEVELOPERS!!

Join us in showing the world how you are contributing to a better world... because you are ... POSITIVELY INFLUENCING THE WORLD!