A Perfect Solution for You! 

  • Beautiful and Inspiring Information to Up Your Game
  • Unique Format with Invaluable Research Based Insights
  • Easily Influences Your Impact with Children 
  • Enhances the Development of All Areas of Child Development
  • Excellent for Staff Development Discussions 
  • Incredibly Useful for Communicating Understanding with Parents
  • Fantastic to Use in the Moment and During Lesson Planning 

You’re here because you obviously care about making a positive impact in the lives of children, right?

The beautiful brain development interaction packets are the easiest way to increase your incredible influence with young children. They are a simple yet extremely powerful tool to provide you with brain-developing ideas to have right on hand. These support you in the critically important aspect of everyday filled with nurturing, learning, observing, interacting, and playing. With the understanding and implementation ideas you gain, you will feel much more confident and your days will be filled with more smiles. 


  • 40 sturdy cards hung on a ring.
  • Neuro-Nurturing interaction idea on the front of each card 
  • Brain Development Insight on the back if each card
  • Written from the perspective of a child - (Easy to understand) 
  • Covers all domains of development 
  •  Convenient size - 3 x 4 inches 
  • Quantity pricing and customization available 
  • Are perfect promotional or teaching tools 
  • Available in English and Spanish

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children! 

Currently this series of Brain Development Activity Packets are exclusively available through Redleaf Press.  Soon, for your convenience, you will also be able to order them right here on the Brain Insights website.

For now, you can use this link to benefit from this valuable resource: