What If Early Brain Development Became Common Knowledge? 

Neuro-Nurturing is designed for those who want to share invaluable understanding toward making a dramatically positive difference by making early brain development common knowledge. 

Numerous individuals throughout the world are working toward making the needed impact for children through entrepreneurial efforts, agencies, organizations, programs, educational institutions, companies, medical facilities or support services. 

You are likely one of these sensationally wonderful people!

  • Do you have a strong desire to ensure young children are receiving and experiencing all that will contribute positively to their well-being in life?

  • As you work to make this happen for the children within your influence, do you have the overwhelming feeling that there continues to be a greater need for widespread understanding and support?

  • Have you participated in work teams, groups, seminars or summits that attempt to make a difference, but very little seems to change?

  • Do you want a very easy way to be a part of creating broad awareness that contributes to a difference that the children deserve, you crave and the world needs?

 If this describes you, then Neuro-Nurturing sharing is designed for you!  

It will be wonderful to have you join this continuously growing distinguished group of dedicated individuals who share their hearts and knowledge in this extremely and exciting way!

 “Instead of raising children who turn out okay despite their childhood, let's raise children who turn out extraordinary because of their childhood.” - L.R. Knost

You are likely very aware that far too frequently children are experiencing just the opposite of what is needed for thriving in life. Due to a variety of experiences that hinder optimal development, brains become wired in ways that lead children to often function with high levels of stress and anxiety.

Young children receive direct and indirect messages that become repeated thoughts which influence self-perception and the physical wiring in the brain. As a result, children develop in a way that makes them unaware of who they really are and this contributes to mental and physical health issues.

However, when children are nurtured in a way that the brilliant essence within their heart is responded to, a path to well-being and thriving in life is being created.


Recognizing that you are busy making a difference every day, Neuro-Nurturing sharing is very simple. It only requires as little as 1 minute per week (of course more if you wish) … And costs absolutely nothing!

Just think how easily this multiplies to create the desired outcomes. 



Brain Insight:
Through exposure to repeated information in frequent intervals the brain learns and remembers much better than trying to learn all at one time. 


You will receive an email each week. The email will simply provide a simple insight. You can pick one item to share in the way that is most convenient for you or in the way that you feel will have the greatest impact.

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Extremely Simple Right?

Additionally, more in-depth information for your own learning will be added. This is of course optional reading for adding to your own knowledge or for sharing for the benefit of others that you know would find value from the additional understanding.

The focus is new each week. It may be an interesting article, insightful research findings, an inspiring blog post, an intriguing interview or an invaluable resource.

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"Just like a young plant needs support,  children also need nurturing to become stronger on their own. Without initial support, it is much more difficult to thrive."

Let’s Make It Happen!

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