Understanding, Insights and Ideas Make the Difference


Does it ever feel like there are things you should or could know, but have no clue what it is?

Do you scroll on social media to see if you will stumble upon some simple information that could make your everyday life with children better?

Do you not have time to read a whole book? 

Do you find when looking on-line that there is an abundance of conflicting and confusing opinions and theories?

Do you just want some very simple insights and tips? 

At the end of the day...

Do you just want to feel much better about yourself?

Do you want to interact with the children in your life without having to adhere to a specific type of prescribed practice or defined style? 

If you said yes to any of this, then you will want to register for the 
Neuro-Nurturing Share-Inar.

Easily Make Everyday Life with Children Better 


What is a Share-inar?

It is called it a Share-Inar because it is much more than a typical webinar! 

It is virtual, but it is more about sharing and talking with you than it is about talking at you. 

It is a get together where I will share information that you have been seeking.... even though you didn't know what it actually was that you were looking for. 

Also included is a look at what you are already doing well!

Will that feel really refreshing? 

You will also have the (optional) opportunity to share and ask questions about the information discussed!  

    You Can Register Here


Here Are some highlights of what will be shared:

Introductions and welcome  

Basics of brain development

                   Shared in a super-simple non-science and actually fun way

The Neuro-Nurturing Model:  (You will receive a PDF of this model) 


                    Physical Needs

                    Security Needs

                    Need for Nurturing

                    Need for Play

Q & A related to the information shared

A look at what you already do well 

Wrap Up 

Total time: 90 Minutes 

To keep this as a special Share-Inar, it will be live. 

It will be via Zoom. (It will not be recorded.)

Various times available to make it possible to fit your schedule. 


What is the Price?

The regular price is $159.00

The Current Price: $88.00 - Register Here


Who is this for?

Parents, caregivers, grandparents, foster parents, child care providers, early childhood educators, nannies .... basically anyone that wants a primary understanding of some of the basics to better knowing the child(ren) in your life and ways you can easily support better days with them. 


Register Here


Who is Deborah?

I am very proud to be the founder of Brain Insights, creator of Neuro-Nurturing® and author of, The First 60 Days and initiator of the First 60 Days Movement with the purpose of supporting adults with simple ways to nurture the optimal development of babies and children beginning at birth. With an emphasis on nurturing relationships, it simply is a true passion of mine to share science based insights that inspire people toward having a genuine impact on overall development of children for physical and mental health, learning, behavior and a positive self-perception with a prevention focus.

Simplifying the understanding of early childhood brain development so that people clearly digest, understand and gain confidence in their interactions with children is something that brings great joy as this is my way of contributing to making a significant difference.

My (not small) goal is to make this invaluable understanding become common knowledge for everyone, so that every child develops retaining the knowledge that they are worthy of love and acceptance for being all that they are.

It is incredibly heartwarming to see the aha moments take place as people grasp how they can easily make a real impact in the lives of children while also importantly supporting care of themselves.

I have had the great opportunity to work with companies and organizations worldwide! 
It will be a wonderful pleasure to meet and support you! 


I loved it and the examples used to support the information. – Annette

I just loved the way it was presented. Thank you so much. – Adina 

Thank you, Deborah, for this amazing information.  – Andreea

Fantastic – Thank you so much! – Karen

This was so interesting and has given me great insight into why children act the way they do. Thank you!  - Joe

Thanks Deborah. It was really informative & I learned a lot. I can't wait for another one with you in the future.  – Sharon

This was amazing. It was so easy to follow and understand. – Maria

Amazing Deborah. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an enthusiastic manner .. I needed to hear how to build myself up as well as the children.  – Julie