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“Deborah is one of those people who can make you excited to learn and get involved. Her passion for educating people on the importance of early brain development is contagious! Her creation of the phenomenal brain development activity packets (ages zero-five) is exactly what parents, teachers, day care providers, students and anybody who cares about children need. Do yourself a favor, attend one of her seminars to learn how brain development can change the way you think.” 

“Deborah brings significant expertise to her work. Just as important, in my opinion, is the fact that she then combines that knowledge and insight with an infectious enthusiasm for teaching about and training others on the development and needs of children.”

Choose A Topic or Arrange a Custom Presentation:

Brain Insights: Information Everyone Should Know: This workshop provides an overview of the basics of brain development. Through visual demonstrations you will gain inspiring insights as to how you can have a positive impact on the brain in the early years. With this invaluable understanding, ideas are also presented on how together we can spread the word in support of children!

Brain Development: You ARE Making a Difference! The human brain is an amazing and complex organ that allows each of us to think, feel and act. The brain systems that regulate those activities are largely shaped by experience. This presentation provides you with an easy to understand overview of brain basics from birth through adulthood. You will be inspired by how much more you understand about how the brain impacts behavior and learning in school and in everyday family life!

Relationships Matter Trauma, stress, abuse and neglect can have a long lasting effect. Through learning how these experiences affect a child's brain, you expand your awareness of the critical needs of children. You may also gain the realization and understanding of behaviors by children (and adults) in your life.

Creating Neuro-Nurturing Connections for Communities: Creating Great Connections combines research, experience, innovation, and expertise, to provide caring communities with solutions beyond what can be found anywhere else. Learn how easily your community can come together to become the one that has children with the best developed brains.

Attention to Relationships: Early interactions are critical to the base of self-regulation, resiliency, delayed gratification, executive function, relationships and behaviors throughout life. Did you know early relationships also affect learning? You will better understand the critical role secure attachment plays on the children in your life. It is essential that everyone understands the impact of early relationships and how it can best be achieved.

Ideas for developing rapport and trust with hard to reach parents can also be included in this presentation.

Pink or Blue? Gender Differences related to Learning:  Implications for how brain differences can impact learning are included in this very fun and interesting presentation. Awareness of these differences creates the opportunity for you to have a clearer understanding and provide for the optimal development of both boys and girls brains.

Possible Effects of Poverty on Brain Development: Poverty can impede opportunity for children. It's a primary contributor to many risk factors that can affect brain development. While all children are vulnerable to things like inadequate nutrition, substance abuse, maternal depression, exposure to environmental toxins, trauma and abuse, poor quality daily care, and high levels of stress, a disproportionate number of children in low-income families face multiple risk factors, often several of them simultaneously. Your understanding can contribute to better opportunities for all children.

It Takes Attention to Change: The Brain, Behavior and Self Perception ATTENTION! ATTENTION! The brain learns from what we pay attention to. This workshop looks at how the brain affects behavior. With the realizations you gain through this presentation you will learn eye opening ways to have a positive impact on behavior and self perception.

Play Every Day! The brain NEEDS play! (Even as adults!) You will learn the importance of play related the brain. You will also gain ideas for creating fun interactive activities for children in everyday life. This workshop also provides information on the research that reveals why the brain benefits from nature.


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Deborah has sold Neuro-Nurtuing Interaction Packets worldwide, has been seen in numerous publications, heard on numerous radio shows, and has contributed to a growing number of books. She has presented at the National Association for Education of Young Children, International Parenting 2.0 Summits, National Family Literacy Conference, International Nanny Conference, Keynote for a Judges Conference, Keynote at a Poverty Conference at the Medical College of WI., Workshops for Kohl’s Corporate and Kimberly Clark among numerous staff development training sessions for schools, early childhood programs and parenting programs.


Here is what participants everywhere are saying about Brain Insights presentations:

"The staff in our program were really impressed with this training. We are going to be telling everyone about you!"

"You not only provide very valuable information, you are also a great presenter!!"

"The presenter was very knowledgeable and upbeat and obviously loves what she teaches. I learned a lot. Thanks."

"This was the second time I saw this presenter. It was good info even the 2nd time!"

"You made a 3 hour training on a sunny Friday afternoon entertaining and worthwhile."

"VERY interesting and thought provoking."

"Deborah kept it simple and understandable for us non-science people."

"I wish there were more time. I wanted to learn more!"

"I could have listened to Deborah all day!"

"I have attended many workshops and conferences throughout my career. I would have to put this on my list as one of the best!"


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