Brain Insights Partners for Positive Outcomes

Unlike many larger entities, Brain Insights custom-builds services that align with industry content and practice standards but are also tailored to match specific local needs related to education. 


The Brain Insights team members have served as educators and administrators in EC-12 entities, institutes of higher education, organizations serving children and families, technical assistance organizations, and boards/committees at local and national levels. We have the credible, real-world experience necessary to engage stakeholders in the process of change.

Our small team brings decades of leadership experience to a project, offering unparalleled access to research-based content expertise and technical skill to design professional development to address your specific needs.

We clearly understand the context and challenges organizations, initiatives and communities face and have the skills and experience to design and implement creative, effective, and practical solutions to these challenges.

In addition to our capability to provide research-based, tailored services to match state and local needs, Brain Insights team members have substantive experience managing the planning and production of a variety of web-based and onsite professional development events. Since 2008, Brain Insights team members combined experiences that have lead to organizing  and conducting numerous onsite meetings, produced over 50 web-based meetings for various contracts, ranging in size from 10 to 300 attendees, over 2,000 face to face training workshops and presentations in over 75 cities on 3 continents.  

These events include training for a broad array of populations including teachers, policy makers, social workers, judges, medical practitioners, non-profit foundations, large and small corporations, parents, city wide initiatives, school districts and community organizations. 

With expertise in leading state and district education groups through both small- and large-scale professional development initiatives, the Brain Insights team is exceptionally well-positioned to assist you in accomplishing the task of implementing collaborative, stakeholder-driven, and sustainable improvements. 

Contact us to explore ways we can help you reach your desired outcomes!  

Collaboration Lead on Partner Projects:  

Dr. Elizabeth Greninger

Dr. Greninger holds a doctorate in Educational Administration (K-12)  with an emphasis in public policy from Texas A&M University; she also holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Her areas of professional expertise include teacher and leader effectiveness; educator preparation and retention; curriculum design and instructional delivery; professional learning and development; and the micropolitics of schools. Beginning her career as a first and second grade teacher in Title I public schools in New York and Texas, Dr. Greninger gained a firsthand understanding of the complexities of urban education and the challenges with addressing a wide range of academic, cultural, and linguistic student needs. Through her work as the Director of Alternative Certification Programs at Texas A&M International University, Dr. Greninger provided leadership and technical expertise to both a federal and a state grant aimed at recruiting, preparing, and retaining non-traditional educators for the rigors of public education in the border communities of south Texas. Dr. Greninger designed and led pre-service and in-service training for cohorts of teachers, equipping them with knowledge and skills to effectively enter and succeed in the profession.

From 2010 to mid-2019, Dr. Greninger served as a Managing Associate at edCount, LLC and was instrumental in the company’s expansion and success with key clients in the field of education. Serving on the corporate leadership team of this woman-owned small business, she contributed to strategic and systemic planning and decision-making activities. 

Dr. Greninger has an excellent reputation for the development and delivery of written and oral products such as reports, curriculum, professional development resources, webinars, and presentations, as well as effectively crafting and communicating key verbal and written messages to and for clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Trusted Advisers and Collaborators with Brain Insights on Partner Projects:

Ann Terrell 

Author of, Graceful Leadership In ECE and NAEYC President  

Janet Lansbury

Author of,  No Bad Kids and Elevating Childcare

Tracy Cutchlow

Author of, Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science

Rae Pica

Author of, What if Everybody Understood Child Development?