G003 Neuro-Nurturing Interactions Series

Nearly 90% of brain development occurs in the first six years of life. The Neuo-Nurturing Interaction Series is created to help you easily maximize a child's development for thriving in life.

You are going to want this extremely unique and beautiful set of six activity packets to provide all that your growing child needs to help shine their beautiful and undefinable essence. 

There is one packet for each of the first six years of life to provide fun activities to entertain active brains while you are busy! Like no other product, each activity in the packet includes a simple explanation of how the suggested interaction ideas enhance a child's development toward thriving in life. As a caring parent you get the peace of mind and joy of providing all that your child wants and needs most! Available in both English and Spanish, these are loved by parents and educators worldwide.

Children develop quickly! This set makes it convenient for busy parents to have confidence in Neuro-Nurturing for these critical early years.

The packets are written in a child's voice because every child wants the people in their life to provide these activities!

These make a perfect new baby, shower, Mother's/Father's Day or new Grandparent gift!   


"Brain Insights is a FABULOUS way to support a child’s brain development. Each set of cards has practical activities you can complete with your child to help them learn. They are compact, fun, educational and most importantly are a loving way to learn and bond with your child. Not only are there fabulous practical and easy to complete activities – any time of the day – there are explanations of how these activities help your child’s brain develop – so adults are learning about brain development too! These beautiful cards are a valuable resource for parents, grandparents, early childhood educators or anyone who cares for children between 0-5. I highly recommend Brain Insights to anyone who wants to give children a great in life!"
-Dr Rosina McAlpine, Author of, Inspired Children: Inspired Children: How the leading minds of today raise their kids

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Available in English or Spanish


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