Because children cannot do it on their own ... 


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every one of us works together to convey the following hopeful message of EVERY child?



This baby says:   "I hope every adult understands that providing loving, safe, healthy, predictable, nurturing, and stimulating environments allows me to reach my full potential....  hopefully none of them will ignore this amazing opportunity!"  



Why now?  

  • We have more scientific knowledge than ever before.

  • We know what contributes to the optimal development of young children's brains.   

  • We have an economy that requires that we do all we can to make sure that what we do is cost beneficial.  

  • We have a greater ability to connect, network, and share with others than ever before.       

  • We have approximately 216,000 babies born in the world each day with the UN expecting an increase to 150 per minute.

  • We have ignored doing all we can for children far too long already.